Juicing – Have you Tried it?

I guess I’m late to the party on this one, but I am curious about juicing and have some questions I’m hoping my more knowledgable friends can answer.

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A) Do you need a juicer? Can a Vitamix work?
B) Do you need to strain it to get real juice?
C) Are there recipes that don’t make me want to vom?
D) How do I do this right that I won’t pass out? (I have a tendency to do so.)

I’ve tried green smoothies before and I really cannot stand it if there isn’t fruit in it. I am a big suck in that respect.

I’d love your input on this! Thanks guys!




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  1. Though I don’t own a vitamix I am sure it will work. I use a juicer sometimes but in all honesty, though I like the end product the clean up does not seem worth it. My two cents.

  2. If you want juice, yes, you need a juicer, a vitamix will not work for that. Like you, whether it’s green smoothies or green juice, I can’t even swallow it without it having fruit in it.

    I had my juicer for about 2 months before selling it to a friend. The clean up is SUCH a pain in the ass, I couldnt stand it. And, I feel like you get more complete nutrition from a smoothie (though you can use the juice pulp to make crackers in a dehydrator, too, but that step was also a pita to me–I sold the dehydrator to the same friend, lol).

    Hope this helps!


  3. HI! I am actually going to blog about juicing by the weekend – you should read it. We went from McDonald’s to juicing…

    We have a breville juicer. We love it. We have the $300 version. You can get the step up from our that has a blender built in too (similar to vitamix). We prefer the Breville because it strains the juice so you aren’t chewing on anything etc. (I hate that). And the clean up is a snap and you can just wash your fruit or veggie and toss it in. There are tons of juice recipes – I will put 3 of them on my blog – 2 are more hard core one is easier.
    You won’t pass out juicing. If you are putting the right things in your juice you will be COMPLETELY filling your body with nutrients – much more than any other meal will do. If you feel like you want to pass out, it’s your toxic hunger (being used to putting carbs and sugars in your mouth), if you feel that have another glass of juice – I make a gallon at a time. We always mix veggies and fruits together. You get the most bang for your buck.
    Check out our blog this weekend!

  4. Start with cucumber juice and add more veggies from there as you get used to not having something super sweet. And pears or dates for more sweetness. :)

    I was making juice with my blender but straining is a pain. I don’t think the juicer is that hard to clean but you have to do it RIGHT after you finish or it gets hard.

    I LOVE juicing. It’s a great way to get a lot of nutrition fast. We never throw out veggies or fruit anymore because we juice it all before things have a chance to go bad.

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