Calcium – are you getting enough?

The other day I was looking at how much calcium is required in a healthy diet and realized I was not getting enough. Okay – this is not good. Especially since as you get older osteoporosis becomes very real. I’m not about to let that happen any time soon.

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What’s a girl to do? This!

I looked up calcium for vegans and found  and looked for calcium intake and found this link: with a full list of calcium rich foods and more. Excellent knowledge!

I also found this handy dandy chart from

Adequate intakes of calcium vary according to one’s age:
1200 mg for age 50 or above
1000 mg for ages 19-49
800 mg for ages 4-8
500 mg for ages 1-3

A number of vegan foods contain high levels of calcium per serving:
calcium-set tofu (120-200mg per 0.5 cup)
fortified soymilk (200-300 mg per cup
dried figs (50 mg per fig)
fortified orange juice (250 mg per cup)
collard greens (180 mg per 0.5 cup)
sesame seeds (180 mg per 2 Tbsp)
baked beans (130 mg per cup)
broccoli (90 mg per 0.5 cup)
almonds (50 mg per 2 Tbsp)
kale (50 mg per 0.5 cup)

Sounds good! This is something I can use and figure others can as well. I also can just have a serving of Vega and that takes care of all my dietary nutrients/minerals etc.

Then I can eat junk food – right? Haha. Oh man no. @MathieuLLF and I have been going to the gym. Every year I do this, I start exercising before the winter comes. I think I do this to ward off the winter doldrums and to fight the ever popular weight gained during the holidays. Not that it’s not gained back magically, but it’s an effort at least.

Did you know this about calcium? I sure didn’t. Drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.

Happy eating!


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  1. I did not know this and since I likely eat the amount of a 4 y/o and am obviously not 4, I should up my intake. I was doing really well using an iPhone/iTouch app called my fitness pal and if its the one I think it broke down how much protein/calcium etc. I was getting…which was a great feature. Oh yeah and it counted calories too and your exercise. I need to get back on track. I lost 50 lbs about 6 years ago, way before fibro issues. I bought a mini trampoline and literally jogged off my weight. Great post!

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