Green Beaver Hand Pump Soap

We recently noticed the Kiss My Face bar soap we were using, for every day hand washing, was deteriorating and we had to find a solution. Off to the health store we went and while surveying the hand pump soap section, yes, there was a section; we found Green Beaver’s soap.


From previous blog posts, I’ve ranted about how much I like Green Beaver products. Not only are they Canadian, but vegan and gluten free. Perfect.

There were a few different scents: Lavender, Applemint, Cranberry and Unscented

vegan, gluten free, hand soap

As you can see I bought the soap and the refill together for a decent price $11.99, the soap on its own retails from $5.99 to $7.99. The soap has lasted us two and a half weeks before we had to use the refill. The refill is enough soap for two fills.

What I like best:
– didn’t dry out my skin
– felt clean
– scents were not over powering
– gentle bubbles
– easily washed off

Here’s the official description from the website:

Key ingredients:
Formulated with the mildest plant-based cleansers
Cleanses as it nourishes your hands with skin beneficial Labrador Tea

– Instant foaming certified organic hand wash
– Vegan, biodegradable, gluten free
– Rinses easily
– Non-drying
– Not tacky
– Rich lathering and perfect for the entire family
– 500 ml refills available (Equivalent to two bottles)

I’m pretty sure the Green Beaver company hasn’t updated their website yet with the new packaging as there are different scent offerings that don’t match up. Too bad they didn’t keep the cranberry one, that sounds nice, but I’m sure there was a reason.

Keep your eye on Green Beaver, they’re a serious player in the vegan/organic/gluten free scene, I have a feeling they’ll become more well known soon enough.




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