Hippie Chips

I recently purchased a bag of Tuscan Tomato Hippie Chips and I’m really digging them. I like that they’re certified organic

What are Hippie Chips?

They’re a company from Vanouver who make a bunch of different snacks. I am a huge fan of tortilla chips, these happen to have a lovely texture, bit thicker than the usual chip and somewhat hardier.

Here is the ingredient statement with the nutritional value table:


The chips certainly have a tomato taste, it’s not like they’re covered in a flavour powder, it’s actually infused. Totally would recommend these for dipping as they’re strong and could withstand the leakiness that some chips have with salsa etc. I would be careful with the ingredients as there is a warning on the Tuscan Tomato, “This product may contain soy, tree nuts, dairy and sesame seeds.”. Be warned friends with allergies etc. The rep at the Conscious Food Festival assured me the chips were indeed gluten free.

I suppose I trust companies too much, that they probably adhere to high standards, but for legal reasons have to say this kind of disclaimer.

Let me know if you’ve tried these chips! Email Me!

Happy eating!


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