Easy Chickpea Salad

On Friday I stopped by a grocery store and took a pic of my lunch a chickpea salad. I received quite a few requests to recreate the recipe and here’s my attempt.


– 1 cup of chickpeas
– 3 plum/roma tomatoes
– 1/2 green pepper
– handful of parsley
– 2 tbsp of olive oil
– 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
– pinch of salt

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I would highly suggest using high grade olive oil, it makes a big difference in the taste. 
 It’s amazing how until you add the balsamic vinegar it doesn’t taste like much. I am a fan of lady like bite size pieces and prefer to chop the ingredients finely instead of brutish chunks. This salad is incredibly filling and so tasty! I would also suggest serving it on a lettuce leaf if you want to get fancy for a party. Like a canapé, but without the little spoon.


Happy eating!


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