Cats! Cats! Cats!

Today I kinda felt like just writing about my cats. Yes, I know I sound like a crazy cat lady and I’m fine with that. There’s something incredibly heartwarming about a little furry creature that WANTS to be with you and misses you when you’re gone.

We have two cats, one Yuki, our Russian Blue mutt who is seven years old now, she still acts like a kitten. In the middle of the night she will meow at us to play with her while we hear her tossing around her plastic ball with light pellets. Now, her toy has to be light weight and the pellets that make a shaking sound cannot be too loud or she won’t play with it. Picky, picky girl. For the most part Yuki is incredibly loving and demanding with her “pet me now meows”. Then there’s the evil side. The “if you pick me up I will look you in the eye and give you five seconds before I go for your eyes.”. Yes, this is my princess.

She is incredibly vocal and will often greet me in the morning with shy meows, but then gets worked up if I don’t pet her right away. Or she will play fetch with toys and scurry about tossing something between her paws when feeling frisky.

Here’s Yoshi at 5 weeks. Oh, when he was this small I could pick him up in one hand and he used to sit on my shoulder curled into my neck and lick my neck. Too cute for words. I used to rush home to see him, I actually felt anxious when I wasn’t around him as I was worried he was lonely. The first two months he cried almost every night and he was tormented with the mirror sliding door because he kept looking behind it to see who the other kitten was. I think he was upset from being separated from his brothers/sisters. He was the only orange one in the litter and the one that fought the most. The little bugger.

Yoshi is more ‘my cat’, @MathieuLLF had Yuki before we met and so I felt the urge to have my own fur baby. I have never had a mammal pet before so a kitten was surreal for me. We adopted Yoshi, my orange tabby,  he had such blue eyes and then he grew into his golden eye colour. Yoshi showed an aptitude for danger and a skill for engineering at an early age. It seemed that no sliding door was a challenge for him. This kitten, who I could pick up in my hand was opening closet sliding doors 10x’s his weight. I have no idea how he could push that hard, but he managed. He was going around the upstairs railings when Mat went to try to catch him he stepped over and thankfully the litter box was right where he fell. My poor kitten, not even 10 weeks old and he fell a storey already. Sigh. We were terrified, but he landed safely and promptly ran under the basement couch. I stayed up with him all night to sooth him. Oh, the sleepless nights. He also developed a kneading habit of kneading my neck (with his claws). Sigh. I then became an advocate of clipping his nails myself. He was and is still very good about sitting when I do this. Sometimes I sit him on my lap and I lay back so he’s leaning on me while I clip his nails and talk to him. He purrs and I tell him what a good boy he is. I figure he likes it.

The silly habits they have, Yoshi likes to sit on paper, like all cats and has a thing for the light kraft paper that you get when you buy something glass. I always ask for extra wrapping for him. He gets so excited when I show him. He also likes to sleep with his stomach facing a wall and on his side a lot with his legs up. Yeah, he’s really comfortable. When he was a kitten he farted a lot and I started calling him, “Mommy’s stinky farty boy”, he still likes this, I figure it’s the tone I’m using, but it’s also comforting words. Now at nearly two years old he is still a poop disturber, always looking to knock something down from my computer desk, especially my light weight bracelets, oh, he loves those. Batting them around the wood floor I can hear the rattling. When I tell him no sometimes he sits and sulks, mostly he eats. He eats when he’s sad, happy or just for any reason really.

Mat will get home before me some days and I call on my way home. Just when I’m within a kilometre radius Yoshi stops what he is doing and comes to the door and waits for me. I don’t know how he does it. How does he know?!

Oh, the cuteness that is our fur babies. I love their intense interest, their genuine curiosity as to what we’re doing and that they want to be around us.

Yay to any animal you have in your life! :)



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  1. GirlfrmMars

    Awww, I looooove your cats, they’re so sweet.

  2. Ronda

    Awww they’re so precious! <3

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