Tiffinday – Indian food delivery in Toronto!

In India, it’s common that Tiffin boxes are delivered during lunch to business people in cities.

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From Wikipedia: “A dabbawala (Marathi: डबेवाला); also spelled as dabbawalla or dabbawallah; literally meaning “person with a box”), is a person in India, most commonly found in the city of Mumbai, who is employed in a unique service industry whose primary business is collecting the freshly cooked food in lunch boxes from the residences of the office workers (mostly in the suburbs), delivering it to their respective workplaces and returning the empty boxes back to the customer’s residence by using various modes of transport. “Tiffin” is an old-fashioned English word for a light lunch or afternoon snack, and sometimes for the box it is carried in. For this reason, the dabbawalas are sometimes called Tiffin Wallahs.”

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Toronto is lucky enough to have Tiffinday. Tiffinday is run by Seema Pabari who gave up a corporate job to raise her son, she decided feeding people nutritious honest food from her heart was right.

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If I worked downtown I would be more than happy to take advantage of a gluten free/vegan meal. Hurray for that! Especially when the food is prepared by one person and it’s handmade instead of factory “Indian” food. I love the idea of food being prepared by a person with such passion. Seema is similar to your favourite auntie who wants you to eat well.

Hailing from the Gujarati part of India, Seema makes more than what most people are used to, ie: channa bhatura, masala uttapam and   chickpea dhokla to name a few menu items. Not just channa masala and aloo gobi.

I’d love to see her business grow, she works hard and deserves it, plus who can say no to delicious food.

Please let me know if you’ve tried Tiffinday. I’d love to hear from you.Email Me

Happy eating!


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  1. saroj shah

    student of univrsity of toronto scarbough campus looking for pure veg punjabi style,less spicy food rather medium home made. if possible can it be delivered

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