UPDATE: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten Free NOT Coming to Canada

Bummer. Looks like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies will not be coming to Canada. Here’s a letter from their customer service:
from: CPC.canada@kellogg.com
to: lidia@aireater.com
date Wed, May 18, 2011 at 12:00 PM
subject: Consumer Affairs 021777574A
mailed-by: kellogg.com
May 18

TO: lidia@aireater.com
SUBJECT:  Kellogg Canada Inc.

Thank you for contacting us on-line.  We appreciate your interest in our company.

Unfortunately, the product you inquired about is not available in Canada.  We at Kellogg Canada and our related companies, continually conduct market research to develop new and existing products. Based on the market research results in each country, a decision is made on which product will be enjoyed by the majority of our consumers.  Your feedback is appreciated and will be considered when planning future product line improvements.


Charmaine Haddock
Consumer Response Specialist
Consumer Affairs


Gee, looks like Canada is not a big enough market is what they’re really saying. 30 million people, not big enough, despite the fact that when a celiac/gluten free person finds a product they CAN eat, they are loyal and repeat customers. This was probably taken into consideration, but again, probably didn’t provide a large ROI. Despite other products failing in the Canadian market, this apparently, is too big of a risk to take. Lame.

I’ll see how I feel about the product when I’m face to face with it on the shelf and I inevitably will go to Buffalo for other gluten free products.

Have you ever traveled for a gluten free or vegan product not available in your area? Let me know!

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10 Responses to UPDATE: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten Free NOT Coming to Canada

  1. Maddy

    What a shame. There are many Canadians that have no choice but to Cross Border shop. When I hear nonsense like this, I discontinue supporting that company altogether. If they can’t realize that Celiac is World Wide, then that’s their own ignorance. We all matter in this world. How pathetic.

    • aireater

      I know what you mean. I really don’t understand how Kellogg’s can discount a group of people who will be loyal customers, but that’s marketing for you. I find it’s sad that companies are looking at their bottom line vs consumers.

  2. Steven

    Could always start a letter campaign.. Emails are just too easy to dismiss.

    • aireater

      True, but they seem very set in their ways. Most US companies don’t really care about the Canadian gluten free market, it’s too “small” for them to even consider. What a shame.

  3. Carol Cripps

    We could start writing letters to the Canadian head office. After all, General Mills is now selling Rice and Honey nut Chex here, so a concerted effort by Canadians who can’t consume gluten has got to result in something positive. All it will really cost us is a stamp.

  4. Vegan&GlutenFreeInMTL

    I got a 2012 calender from Kellogg’s Canada and it clearly shows their new Gluten-free Rice Krispies made from brown rice on one of the pages so yesterday I went looking for the product at a couple of local supermarkets here in Montreal and they had it. A 340g box costs $5.49. It may be worth it for some people but as is the case for so many gluten-free products I don’t consider this is a fair price.

    • aireater

      Wow that is expensive! I hate how gf products seem to take the brunt of a price increase. In this case they probably had to set up a new factory, but passing the price onto the consumer isn’t a good way to make loyal customers. The awful part is the GF Rice Krispies are cheaper than the original in the states. I noticed this during a trip to Buffalo. Thanks for the comment!

  5. elizabeth

    Get a grip people, rice Krispies were ALWAYS gluten free, it’s rice, DA!

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