Aux Vivres Vegan Restaurant Review

This weekend @Mathieulf and I went to Montreal and had an awesome time. We met up with some cool tweeps and had an awesome meal at Aux Vivres. Everything at Aux Vivres is vegan and easily made gluten free. A lot of the menu is raw as well.

Here’s what the menu looks like (click to enlarge):, vegan, air eater

I ordered the small chili, guacamole with “sour cream” and a house salad., aireater, vegan, air eater, aireater, vegan, gluten free

Both were incredible and I was so pleased. I used the white daikon radish slices from the salad to scoop some of the chili and then asked for a side of corn chips; it’s impossible to eat that chili with what’s provided. That little bowl was pretty deep. I wished there was an option of having Daiya shreds melted on top, but as is, the chili is fantastic. The sour cream did add a great flavour and creamy texture to the chili. The small was $6 and the large was $10.

The salad consisted of: lettuce, sprouts, red cabbage, carrot, beet and daikon. The small size was $5 and the large was $8. It was so pretty and I fell in love with the house dressing, an extra serving was $1, but I can see why, quality items are expensive.

Mat had the Mumbai plate with an orange creamsicle smoothy.

aireater, vegan,, air eater, vegan

The smoothy was as delicious as it looks. I couldn’t believe how they managed to get it to taste like a creamsicle. So, what’s in this thing? Ingredients: coconut milk, orange juice, carrot juice, vanilla. They come in two sizes: 12oz $4.50 and 16oz $6. Totally worth it and something I might be making in the future with my Vitamix!

The Mumbai plate consisted of: organic brown rice, chickpea and potato curry with salad, plus a sweet chutney. It ran us $12.

Who says eating vegan and gluten free is expensive, this is MUCH cheaper than an average restaurant and incredibly satisfying as well as filling.

When you’re in Montreal I highly suggest Aux Vivres; it might be a wait, as it’s rather popular, but it’s incredibly worth it.

Happy eating!




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  1. it is the best :) their BLT is amazinggggg.
    we must have lunch when you guys come here again <3

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