New! Chapman’s Ice Lolly Gluten Free

Last year I probably consumed more popsicles and freezies than most people. This year my new obsession is Chapman’s Lollys. They come in a few varieties, my favourite is the Super Lolly  Stealth rocket.

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Who doesn’t like rockets?! The first thing I noticed about this rocket is the lack of colour. The typical rocket is blue, red and white. This rocket is free from artificial colours and flavours. The adult in me approves, though the child in me really wanted those tri-colours. I found Chapman’s products at most Loblaws, but not at Metro. The retail price was $3.99.

For those concerned about calories, here is the Nutritional Value table:


It’s peanut free, gluten free and incredibly tasty. Usually, rockets have three distinct flavours from each layer, but this one has all three flavours mixed in together: peach, lemon-lime, and grape. I was incredibly pleased with this product and I know this summer will be the summe of the Super Lolly Stealth Rocket.

I really like that Chapman’s is a Canadian company right here in Ontario and I feel for them after having a fire that destroyed their plant. I admire their courage to re-build and carry on; good for them.

Here’s a link where to buy Chapman’s products:


Happy eating!



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  1. Julian

    the best thing about these stealth rockets is that they don’t stain due to the lack of dyes!

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