WARNING – Dairy’s Dirty Secret Male Calf Treatment

This is an EXTREMELY disturbing video. I wanted to vomit, I can’t understand how these workers feel this is just another day and another way to make a living, this isn’t right under any circumstances. If your non-vegan friends look at you like you’re crazy about not drinking milk or “veal”, show them this video, it breaks my heart. I’d like to see the cold hearted person who watches this and has a burger after.

This savage behaviour is so cruel, no animal should go through this, imagine if this was done to a child? The outrage would be incredible, but no one cares when it’s an animal.

I found this video through Mercyforanimals.org.  I’m glad someone is standing up for these gentle animals.

On the website, they have a link for eating vegan on a budget:

I find this site very helpful with dairy free recipes, plus they’re a worthy charity to donate to.

There really aren’t words for this.


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