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Raw Vegan Almond “Cheese” recipe

After visiting Rawlicious I decided to make a raw almond cheese. I bought my raw almonds during the visit to Johnvince Foods. I mainly chose almonds because I couldn’t find cashews in the shell and the prepackaged organic ones contained a huge list of allergens. Milk? Really? I’m definitely going to look for raw cashews, but this is a start., air eater, aireater, raw, vegan, gluten free

So, how did I make this stuff*? Continue reading



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Solo Fruit Sorbet: Lime & Raspberry

It’s summer time – right? Maybe if the weather settles down and there’s no more spontaneous snow, then we can all move right along to enjoying the sun. In honour of hopefully good weather I bought some sorbet. Sorbet is very underrated and simply enjoyable even for non-veg/vegans. I found a brand that’s product of Quebec! I had no idea the Solo Fruit brand even existed, I’m glad I do though, because it’s delightful.

air eater,, aireater, vegan, glutenfree

Image from Solo

The packaging is pretty and the contain is a modest no labeled tub, I thought to photograph the paper package as it’s much prettier: Continue reading


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Johnvince Foods Visit

On my quest to make a raw cashew nut cheese I visited Johnvince Foods. It certainly is a big store and they have plenty of bulk food items, but the raw cashews they did have were in a bulk bin with a warning, “may contain traces of milk, wheat, soy, eggs”. I’m assuming this is due to the nuts being processed on the same line as these items, but I certainly don’t want to take the risk. Even the packaged organic cashews had the same warning. Instead, we settled for raw almonds in the shell and 1lb was $1.80. I should have bought more, but lesson learnt for next time.


They also had Vega for under $60, I wasn’t expecting that at all, but nice to know it wasn’t as expensive as Loblaws sells it; nice to see reasonably priced health store items.

I haven’t found Arrowhead All Purpose Gluten Free Flour mix before, so I bought one of those – good to have an all purpose mix in case I want to make scones or muffins, etc.

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Image from

From the Arrowhead Mills site:
Benefits Continue reading


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Rawlicious! Raw “Tacos” with Cashew Sauce and Nut “Cheese”

Mat and I finally made our way to Rawlicious’ Junction location and were glad we did.

Here’s the front entrance, the sign is pretty neat: Continue reading


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Happy Easter Bunners Style!

Ah, Easter and for me that means chocolate and candy and YES – it’s possible to have both being vegan and gluten free. A lot of twitter folk were raving about Bunner’s vegan and gluten free cream egg, so I had to go check it out.

Here’s what it looks like: aireater air eater, gluten free, vegan

It was half melting when I took a bite, so it wasn’t that appealing to photograph, but there is white “cream” inside and I assume that is similar to the frosting used on the cupcakes. It was a treat that’s for sure. As usual, the staff were incredibly knowledgable and friendly. I really appreciated that they were sensitive to making sure items that contained soy were not packaged together.

Check out Bunners:

3054 Dundas W St (in the Junction), Toronto, ON M6P 1Z7
Phone: 647-352-2975

Happy eating!


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Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Box Mix Review

I had a craving for cake and when that happens I have to bake. Seeing as I’m too lazy to mix my own gluten free flour I’m on the search for a great box mix. (Click to enlarge)

Image from:

Here are the ingredients:
Yellow Cake: Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Sugar, Potato Starch, Leavening (baking soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, monocalcium phosphate), Xanthan Gum, Salt.

Betty Crocker has a few gluten free cake mixes as well as a brownie mix. To get these mixes I have to cross the border and that usually means a Buffalo trip. I don’t really mind as I am fond of Americans and I would move to the US in a heartbeat. The funny thing about the mixes, they’re made in Ontario and only sold in the US, come on General Mills, really.

I followed the directions on the box, but I added apple sauce instead of eggs. The cake came out so fluffy and soft. This mix does not contain soy, but there is a warning that it might.

Here’s what it looked like: Continue reading


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WARNING – Dairy’s Dirty Secret Male Calf Treatment

This is an EXTREMELY disturbing video. I wanted to vomit, I can’t understand how these workers feel this is just another day and another way to make a living, this isn’t right under any circumstances. If your non-vegan friends look at you like you’re crazy about not drinking milk or “veal”, show them this video, it breaks my heart. I’d like to see the cold hearted person who watches this and has a burger after.

This savage behaviour is so cruel, no animal should go through this, imagine if this was done to a child? The outrage would be incredible, but no one cares when it’s an animal.

I found this video through  I’m glad someone is standing up for these gentle animals.

On the website, they have a link for eating vegan on a budget:

I find this site very helpful with dairy free recipes, plus they’re a worthy charity to donate to.

There really aren’t words for this.


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Mac N Cheese Vegan Gluten Free Style!

Who doesn’t love a bowl of mac n cheese? I know Oprah does, apparently she has enjoyed 30lbs of the stuff. I don’t blame her, it’s something I turn to when I’m depressed as well. It’s cheap, easy and tasty as heck. It doesn’t take much to make, but I like to add a twist by switching up the noodles I use.

For this dish I used Continue reading


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Whole Foods 365 Lime Frozen Fruit Bar Review

Sometimes when you’re in the grocery store and you see a product and think, “Oh, that must taste like crap.” this isn’t one of those instances. If you’re a fan of lime – be prepared! Whole Foods store brand line 365 has a Lime Frozen Fruit Bar and – wait for it… Continue reading


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Natalie Portman Loses Vegan Powers

Looks like Natalie Portman has decided to forgo the vegan lifestyle and abandon her ethics/morals. For what, for pastries? Seriously?

Here are a few of her quotes from her interview with Q100 Bert Show based in Atlanta: Continue reading


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