Bunners Bake Shop: Toronto’s ONLY Vegan and Gluten Free bakery

I had the pleasure of visiting Bunners Bake Shop, in Toronto, and I must say i enjoyed it. The simple storefront with the cute sign really drew my attention.

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Inside the shop was all business, the menu board clearly indicated the ingredients to be: fair trade, organic and local.

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As you enter further into the storefront, a clear item displays baked goods along with a counter of easy accessible bread and cookies.

@MathieuLF and I had arrived just in time to be met with the smell of freshly baked cranberry muffins.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I purchased: a single lemon and chocolate cupcake complete with frosting (the frosting did contain soy, but orders can be made without soy if you call ahead of time), two cranberry muffins and the triple seed white bread in the above picture.

Can you say delightful? I thought I had plunged head first into a sweet dream. The lemon cupcake was incredible, I couldn’t believe how soft and moist it was. The chocolate had a hint of mint, which I adore, and was a bit crumbly for my liking; perhaps I will just have to try another one to see if this is a constant or just the one I had.

I’m sorry that I didn’t take a close up picture of the cupcakes, but I was too busy mashing them into my face to take a photo.

The cranberry muffin was incredibly soft and spongy, I couldn’t believe it was gluten free, I certainly could taste the tapioca flour used to give that elasticity often found in mainstream flour.

The bread was soft and unlike most gluten free hard-as-brick breads I’ve encountered. I would suggest eating it right away or using the left overs as bread crumbs/croutons.

Overall, Bunners Bake Shop deserves your time and patronage. I highly recommend stuffing your face multiple times with these tasty healthy products. I know I will.

Here’s the info for Bunners Bake Shop:

Location: 3054 Dundas Street West in the Junction (Just West of High Park Ave on the North side of the street)

Email: info@bunners.ca
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BunnersBakeSho
Twitter: http://twitter.com/BunnersBakeShop


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    3 Responses to Bunners Bake Shop: Toronto’s ONLY Vegan and Gluten Free bakery

    1. Very interesting shop! I never been to a 100% Gluten Free Cake House. I will come!

    2. kimberly milligan has a vegan & gluten free bakery with nutritious and
      tasty foods, baked fresh each day
      Facebook.com/kimberlys celiac bakery

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