Kracie – Popin’ Cookin’, Japanese Miniature Gummy Foods

As most of you know love all things gummy and jiggly. I also am a fan of Japanese crazy foods, put the two together and voila – Kracie – Popin’ Cookin’! What is this crazy thing you speak of? It’s a DIY add water to powder mix kit that comes in a variety of flavours/themes. Here’s a video, check this out! I totally wish I could buy this:

I just love the cute factor and the delicate miniature cuteness! If anyone knows where to get a kit in Toronto, please let me know!

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Happy eating!




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4 Responses to Kracie – Popin’ Cookin’, Japanese Miniature Gummy Foods

  1. jonalene

    where to buy kracie popin cookin in ETOBICOKE TORNTO ?

  2. sarah

    you can buy all of the popin cookin sets at just have to pay for shipping but the prices are great

  3. sandra

    You can find Poppin’ Cookin’ and other DIY kits at T&T Supermarket in the treats isle.

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