Pizza Nova’s Gluten Free Pizza crust – BARF

Once a month, at work, my group has a lunch meeting and we order pizza. I’ve been ordering the gluten free pizza dough option with: portobello mushrooms, pineapple and tomatoes. I’ve been choking it down each month, but today I just couldn’t stomach it. This dry as heck over sized cracker needs some Daiya, badly. I’m so jealous of my US friends, being able to enjoy a gluten free vegan pizza at restaurants. The Pizza Nova pizza shell is just barf. It’s too hard (I used to eat the ends of a baguette; I like crunchy, but not this) and just gross. I have no interest in ever ordering one again.

Here’s what the Pizza Nova site has to say about their Gluten Free dough (click to enlarge):

aireater, air eater,

Kudos that the dough is gluten free, however thumbs down on it being devoid of taste. I blame the rice flour. Maybe it’s a cost savings, but any baked good with rice flour as the main ingredient is going to be hard as a rock. I wish they would add tapioca to give it some elasticity. How did the quality control group try this and think, yeah, that’s good enough – NO! Just because it’s gluten free, doesn’t mean it has to taste like crap. Maybe basil or thyme in the crust, just something, something to make it less cardboard.

Save your money and don’t bother. Instead, make your own and use El Peto’s Gluten Free Basil and Garlic crust., aireater, air eater

Your taste buds will be happy, also your wallet, for $4.75 you can get 2 pizza shells that are fully vegan and gluten free.  Here is the ingredient statement from the website:

Ingredients: Water, Gluten Free Flour Mix (cornstarch, white rice flour, guar gum), Sunflower Oil, Glucose, Salt, Gluten Free Yeast, Basil, Garlic

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Milk Free, Egg Free, Soya Free, Sugar Free

If you have a dead easy pizza dough recipe I’d love to see it!

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7 Responses to Pizza Nova’s Gluten Free Pizza crust – BARF

  1. Thanks for supporting the gluten free family.

    • Erin

      I have ordered the Chicken Florentine pizza on the gluten free crust several times from the Pizza Nova in Oshawa on King Street and it has always been tasty! Mabye the particular Pizza Nova that you ordered from over cooked it or screwed up some how.

      • aireater

        Hi Erin – thanks for the comment! As a vegan I don’t eat cheese and so I have ordered the pizza with sauce and toppings; without any kind of cheese the pizza crust itself taste pretty dry and hard. :( I bet with Daiya (vegan cheese) the pizza would taste much better, but until Pizza Nova does that too, I’m not going to order from there. Glad you enjoy yours! :)

  2. Kathy

    I found the Pizza Nova crust to be beyond disgusting. I would have preferred “tasteless” or shoe leather. Shame on Pizza Nova for selling this crap.

    • aireater

      Kathy, I hear you and agree. I haven’t bothered to try the crust recently as I figured they haven’t changed it. Too bad this is the case. I have a few good pizza recipes on Aireater if you search for the term. Hope that helps!

  3. Ashley

    I totally disagree with the negative comments about pizza nova’s gluten free pizza!!!!!! I’ve started ordering their gluten free pepperoni pizza…it is absolutely delicious AND a huge bonus is that 2 slices of gluten free pepperoni pizza only have just 80 calories!!!!!! (according to” fitness pal” )

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