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I am hooked on Biosak! What the heck is Biosak? Biosak are compostable bags made by a Canadian manufacturer W. Ralston (Canada) Inc

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I love that, “W. Ralston (Canada) Inc. is the first and only company in Canada manufacturing certified compostable plastic bags, from extrusion, to bag making to packaging. Other compostable plastic bags are available in the Canadian market, but none are completely extruded, formed and packaged in Canada.” Imagine that! Yes, I am a packaging geek, but more so an environmental geek as well.

Biosak is manufactured right in Brampton, Ontario. I bought mine at Costco and have been trying to get my mother to use them. I can’t understand how someone can keep using plastic shopping bags as a ‘compostable’ waste bag. This doesn’t work. Plastic bags don’t break down and only release toxins into fresh compost.

What the heck is this bag made from?

“Ralston’s BIOSAK® is made from a new generation of BioPlastic derived from renewable resources.
100% Compostable100% BiodegradableSuitable for home compostingCertified compostable by the BNQ 9011/11 and Biodegradable Products Institute.

BIOSAK bags are manufactured using Mater-Bi® resins, the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components, such as corn starch, that have been modified (or complexed) with biodegradable polyesters.”

This is incredibly promising for future generations and the overall environment. Other than kitchen waste, I use Biosak when I’m scooping out the kitty litter. They do have a pan kitty litter product and I love that they used an orange tabby kitten, because you know I’m not biased at all.

aireater,, air eaterThis picture reminds me very much of when Yoshi was small, but his eyes changed to match his orange coat. Too cute. I don’t really agree with just tossing the whole litter pan, I am a scooper, I can’t justify throwing out the whole thing and replacing it each time – how costly!

Either way, I’d highly suggest checking out your local store and Costco to see if  you can find these enviro-friendly compostable bags.




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  2. Charlie

    Great information on a growing product!

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