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Bunners Bake Shop: Toronto’s ONLY Vegan and Gluten Free bakery

I had the pleasure of visiting Bunners Bake Shop, in Toronto, and I must say i enjoyed it. The simple storefront with the cute sign really drew my attention., aireater, air eater

Inside the shop was all business, the menu board clearly indicated the ingredients to be: fair trade, organic and local.

air eater, aireater,

As you enter further into the storefront, a clear item displays baked goods along with a counter of easy accessible bread and cookies.

@MathieuLF and I had arrived just in time to be met with the smell of freshly baked cranberry muffins.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I purchased: a single lemon and chocolate cupcake complete with frosting (the frosting did contain soy, but orders can be made without soy if you call ahead of time), two cranberry muffins and the triple seed white bread in the above picture.

Can you say delightful? I thought I had plunged head first into a sweet dream. The lemon cupcake was incredible, I couldn’t believe how soft and moist it was. The chocolate had a hint of mint, which I adore, and was a bit crumbly for my liking; perhaps I will just have to try another one to see if this is a constant or just the one I had.

I’m sorry that I didn’t take a close up picture of the cupcakes, but I was too busy mashing them into my face to take a photo.

The cranberry muffin was incredibly soft and spongy, I couldn’t believe it was gluten free, I certainly could taste the tapioca flour used to give that elasticity often found in mainstream flour.

The bread was soft and unlike most gluten free hard-as-brick breads I’ve encountered. I would suggest eating it right away or using the left overs as bread crumbs/croutons.

Overall, Bunners Bake Shop deserves your time and patronage. I highly recommend stuffing your face multiple times with these tasty healthy products. I know I will.

Here’s the info for Bunners Bake Shop:

Location: 3054 Dundas Street West in the Junction (Just West of High Park Ave on the North side of the street)



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    Parents Picket School of Deathly Allerigic Child

    Edgewater Elementary is a school in Florida where a six year old girl, who has a deadly peanut allergy, is being asked by parents of other children to leave.

    This is a tough one. On one hand a six year old is being shunned and clearly made a target with this kind of singling out. On the other, is it fair to have an entire class go through precautions for one student?

    The school has a set of rules for the class to follow:

    – washing hands before entering the classroom and exiting
    <br /
    – lunch to be left in the hallway

    There was a mouth rinsing rule as well, but that has since stopped.

    One would hope the children would be washing hands often and that this rule wouldn’t be “imposing”.

    I’m surprised the parent of a child, with such dangerous allergies is even in public school. All it would take is one child to accidentally contaminate a shared item and increase the chances of death. I can’t even fathom putting a child in such a risky situation, especially a six year old, they’re so easily excitable/forgetful.

    For sure this child has the right to an education and should be with peers, but is it really safe? According to the state of Florida, the child’s allergy falls under a disability. That’s almost insult to injury to even further segregate the child and provide fodder for bullies.

    This case is a gray issue; feed into an ignorant, unwilling public or risk the chance of danger through integration.

    I cannot help but err on the side of caution and think to remove the child based on safety alone.

    What do you think? I’d love to read your comments. Ps, CNN covered the story and I’m not impressed with the reporter, in one of the videos in this article link, who says to substitute peanut allergy to AIDS, that’s going a bit far.



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    Kracie – Popin’ Cookin’, Japanese Miniature Gummy Foods

    As most of you know love all things gummy and jiggly. I also am a fan of Japanese crazy foods, put the two together and voila – Kracie – Popin’ Cookin’! What is this crazy thing you speak of? It’s a DIY add water to powder mix kit that comes in a variety of flavours/themes. Here’s a video, check this out! I totally wish I could buy this:

    I just love the cute factor and the delicate miniature cuteness! If anyone knows where to get a kit in Toronto, please let me know!

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    Happy eating!




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    Pizza Nova’s Gluten Free Pizza crust – BARF

    Once a month, at work, my group has a lunch meeting and we order pizza. I’ve been ordering the gluten free pizza dough option with: portobello mushrooms, pineapple and tomatoes. I’ve been choking it down each month, but today I just couldn’t stomach it. This dry as heck over sized cracker needs some Daiya, badly. I’m so jealous of my US friends, being able to enjoy a gluten free vegan pizza at restaurants. The Pizza Nova pizza shell is just barf. It’s too hard (I used to eat the ends of a baguette; I like crunchy, but not this) and just gross. I have no interest in ever ordering one again.

    Here’s what the Pizza Nova site has to say about their Gluten Free dough (click to enlarge): Continue reading



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    Three ingredient Vegan “cheese” cream sauce

    I came across this video made by Save the Kales, Jaime K, on how to make vegan “cheese” cream sauce. Easy peasy and contains the good fats.

    Here’s how: Continue reading



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    Vegan Egg Replacement Options

    I don’t know about you, but I go nuts trying to remember what vegan egg replacements options are, so I thought I’d write a quick post to remember. Below is info from Continue reading


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    Vegan Gluten Free Thai Spring Roll Recipe Video

    Surfing Youtube I found this video recipe from Vegan Chef Tess Challis for Vegan/Gluten free Thai Spring Rolls. Continue reading


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    Vegetarian Couple Rejected from Adoption

    Imagine being told you can’t adopt a baby because of your vegetarian eating habits? I can’t even fathom this.

    However, a couple wishing to adopt a baby from the Greek isle of Crete were told exactly this. This really blows my mind. Most vegetarians/vegans I know make a lot of their own food and are incredibly aware of their eating habits/nutrition. Parents will make an effort, if not for themselves, but to feed their children healthy food, why would the Crete welfare services have an issue with a vegetarian diet?

    The head of Crete’s welfare services, Spyros Epitropakis, was quoted as saying, “We asked the University of Crete medical school on the issue and they said the child’s diet must include meat, fish, etc,”. Epitropakis also went on to say, “A child needs to eat fish, seafood and dairy products among other things, without meat being essential. But if the family has no intention of imposing its diet habits on the child, I don’t see where the problem is.”

    What is this ‘needs’ business? I have an issue with this statement and way of thinking. There’s a lot more to a diet than just what you eat, it’s the why part, that is the bigger issue. The mentality that the child will not have protein and become ill because of not eating meat is archaic and ridiculous. I’m sure vegan body builders would have a thing or two to say about wasting away to nothing.

    I hope the parents will be able to adopt this child. With this type of exposure, it shows that apparently Crete is behind the times, sad to hear the backing statement coming from an University.



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    Pepsi to Make First All Plant Bottle

    It’s hard to deny that green packaging is a trend, thankfully, it’s a beneficial trend that helps the environment. I’m sure that companies who do change their packaging are benefiting from a) a cleaner conscious and b) the great press.

    So what does this thing look like? Continue reading


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    Canadian Compostable Bag – Biosak

    I am hooked on Biosak! What the heck is Biosak? Biosak are compostable bags made by a Canadian manufacturer W. Ralston (Canada) IncContinue reading



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