Unilever stops testing tea on animals

Never would I have imagined that tea, of all things, would have to be tested on animals. What on earth for? Unilever claimed the testing on animals was to study the health effects. Thanks to a letter writing campaign the testing has stopped. How was it stopped? “40,000 supporters of PETA and its affiliates around the world sent e-mails urging Unilever to stop testing tea…”, plus PETA met with Unilever to discuss the issue and Unilever agreed to stop.

I’m not exactly sure how tea is even tested on animals. According to PETA here is how the testing occurs:
“Thanks to everyone who responded to our online action alert, no more piglets will be infected with E. coli toxin and have their intestines cut apart while they are still alive, no more rats will have holes cut into their intestines and be fed tea ingredients through a tube in their throats, mice won’t be suffocated or have their necks broken, rabbits’ heads won’t be cut off, and other cruel tests that involved tormenting and killing animals simply to study the health effects of tea products and ingredients will no longer take place.”

How incredibly sad and cruel. I’m too disgusted to post pics of this. I’m glad this is an animal win situation. I’m going to hug my cat now.



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