Nutrition label on Beer Wine and Spirits

In the US, the Tax and Trade Bureau is making an effort to have the nutritional and caloric intake on labels from alcoholic beverages including: wine, beer and vodka. This is a fantastic idea.

Alcohol seems to be one of those products that look straight forward. How can there be anything bad – it’s only distilled fruit and or vegetables, right? Nope. Click here for an earlier post on why wine isn’t veg/vegan.

I stumbled upon a wesbite called Best Vegan Guide. On the site there is an alcohol section that speaks to the hidden animal ingredients in common beverages.

Did you know cider has gelatin in it? I sure didn’t. From the site, “Also, some red wines contain cochineal (also called carmine, cochineal and carminic acid) which is a red dye made out of crushed beetles.” Talk about gross.

I really would love to see nutritional fact tables on wine and other alcoholic beverages, people really should be informed what they’re consuming and not drinking ingredients they probably wouldn’t on a regular basis. Funny how adamant people are regularly with food; why not extend this curiosity to alcohol?

Have a great weekend aireaters! Hope you’re looking into what you’re drinking before you ingest it.



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  1. LOVE this! Especially b/c I drink a lot of wine and beer! Barnivore is a favorite resource of mine–I especially love the iPhone apps that go with it–VERY helpful!


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