I heart my Paderno Eco Pan

Yes, I am aware it is odd to declare my love for a frying pan, but you haven’t met my Paderno. Paderno is a Canadian company based in P.E.I.

Recently, I bought this pan and I cannot believe what a difference it makes to cook with a 100% ceramica non-stick surface. I am not going back, I might in fact need to re-haul my entire pan/pot collection.

Here’s what I have (click to enlarge):

Courtesy of Paderno.com

Courtesy of Paderno.com

Cooking with this Eco Pan I feel a lot safer as it’s PFOA and PTFE Free. The instructions say the pan doesn’t require oil, which will really help cut down calories while cooking, very useful. They really mean it, nothing burnt and it cooked very evenly. I’ve only used silicone utensils during cooking as metal ones will harm the coating. I believe the tag said it is dishwasher safe, but I hand washed it anyway. This particular pan was made in Indonesia.

The Eco Pan benefits:
– Riveted steel handle
– Oven safe to 400C/750F
– Commercial quality
– Removable ergonomic silicone sleeve
– Dishwasher safe
– 25 year warranty

I highly recommend getting a 100% ceramica non stick coated pan. It really has changed my opinion of this type of pan.

Happy cooking!

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2 Responses to I heart my Paderno Eco Pan

  1. Herman

    Seems great……..but you should all know that after a short time, about a month after using, food begins to stick and the pan stains. And becomes unuable – the non-stick coating is really a STICK coating.
    Very disappointing and Paderno’s response is the clean the pan! If only! It doesn’t come off. They tell me eggs and bacon are especially bad for causing the sticking and staining! Get real – a frypan that is a problem to cook eggs and bacon in?
    Don’t buy this pan!

    • aireater

      Hi Herman, I have to agree, I should do an updated to this post as I did have to throw out my pan. It was incredibly difficult after a month and really was disappointing. Thanks for the comment!

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