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Eco Friendly – Tiffin Lunch Box

If you’re anything like me, you have a particular sense of what food should and shouldn’t mix on a plate and prefer items separate. Short of bringing a Thali plate to work, I thought a Tiffin box would be the next best thing. air eater

I found one at Nature’s Emporium for $25. @MathieuLF bought a 1 layer container one for $18. You can see who is the picky one in the family.

They can hold quite a bit. It can hold at least 3 cups of lasagna in one portion. Who can eat that much, I don’t know, but it can be done. In another container I measured: 1 cup of carrots, 1/2 cup of celery, 1 cup of broccoli, and it fit perfectly together. The last container I used for a portion controlled serving of Renee’s Balsamic Vinegar dressing. I am loving this idea; it’s environmentally safe, reusable and aids my food should be separate, yet provide variety notion.

Product description:

– made from #202 food grade Stainless Steel
– 14cm/5.5″ in diameter
– 3 layers
– made responsibly in China

I’m going to trust this made responsibly part, I figure if Nature’s Emporium is selling it, it must be decent, everything in the store is organic, kind of amazing really.

When I googled regarding dishwasher safe, I found a site that had the 2 layer version of this Tiffin saying it was dishwasher safe, but I figure it’s safer hand washing anyway. If you get one of these – let me know! E-mail Me!

I love how many different styles of Tiffins there are. I had no idea these things even existed until I googled environmentally friendly lunch box and the Tiffin caught my eye. It’s lightweight and easy to pack. No more carrying heavy glass containers piled up and hoping I’m not clumsy enough to drop one, this is an ideal solution for me.

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It’s contest time again! I’m going to be giving 6 lucky people 1 jar of Marinelli’s Tomato and Basil sauce. Woo!, air eater

How to enter: Continue reading


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Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit

What is Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit? Continue reading


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Aireater: New Logo & Layout

Boy, are some of you ever vocal. Thanks for the emails! I’m glad you like the logo and layout. I can credit @amazerall with the logo; he is pretty talented, great to work with and knowledgable.

I’d love to hear any suggestions and more comments with what you’d like to see.

Email me: Lidia [@] air eater. com

Happy eating!


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Vegan Gluten Free “Gummy snacks” Annie’s Bunny Fruit Flavoured Snacks

Rejoice, there’s a vegan/gluten free fruit snack that tastes like jello! I have to admit I miss gummy bears, especially gummy worms and the occasional Dare Real Fruit Gummy. Oh man. I couldn’t help but notice the bright purple box of Annie’s Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Flavoured Snacks.


Image courtesy of Annie's Homegrown Organic

Click here for the nutritional information.

There are no: Continue reading


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Bakery On Main – Gluten Free

Sorry vegan audience, this post is for the gluten free crowd as the Bakery on Main products have honey in them.

The kind people at Bakery on Main, who started tinkering with gluten free granola in 2003 on Main Street in Glastonbury, Connecticut (now in East Hartford) sent me a few products to test. Continue reading


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Easy Vegan and Gluten free Lasagna total people pleaser

Some days I feel like Garfield; just want to scarf down lasagna. This weekend I made two lasagne oddly enough. The first was for my parents visiting and the second, well, I couldn’t say no; it’s just nice to have awesome food for lunch during the week.

Here’s what it looked like in the beginning: Continue reading


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Mooshoes! Vegan boots!

December 31, 2010 I ordered from Mooshoes for the first time. They arrived Jan 7, 2011 and I have been wearing them for a week. I love them! I was a bit weary to order boots online. I was afraid my hugh calf would be squished and my 9.5 size foot would be too wide. The boots are PERFECT.

Here’s what I ordered: Continue reading



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Vegan Cooking for Carnivores – I can’t believe it’s Vegan!

I have to share this video that Claire from Vegan Cooking for Carnivores made. It’s a great list and I was certainly surprised with the items she mentioned. The downsize is a lot of the items are US based and a trip to the Buffalo would be required, but I’m not opposed to this.

Please visit Clair’s site, she’s a great resource and an all around nice person.

Also, you can download her book Vegan Cooking for Carnivores for Free!! Check out her site to do so.

Here’s the video: Continue reading


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I heart my Paderno Eco Pan

Yes, I am aware it is odd to declare my love for a frying pan, but you haven’t met my Paderno. Paderno is a Canadian company based in P.E.I.

Recently, I bought this pan and I cannot believe what a difference it makes to cook with a 100% ceramica non-stick surface. I am not going back, I might in fact need to re-haul my entire pan/pot collection.

Here’s what I have (click to enlarge): Continue reading



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