Canadian Gluten Free Beer: Nickel Brook

Move over La Messagere, there’s another Gluten Free beer in the LCBO. From Burlington Ontario comes Nickel Brook; they make a variety of beers including a gluten free option.

Nickel Brook Gluten Free Beer air eater

Nickel Brook Gluten Free Beer

Keeping reading there’s more!!
The first thing I noticed about Nickel Brook’s Gluten Free beer is how fresh tasting it is; they use an incredibly crisp water.  The second thing is the slight sweetness of the pear juice, amber in colour, it really looks like gluten beer. It wasn’t as offensive as La Messagere and somewhat lighter tasting than New Grist, almost a light beer taste. I really didn’t mind this beer and like most beers, it got better after multiple trials.

I’m impressed the beer is available at the LCBO and a variety of restaurants.


  • Company name: Better Bitters Brewing Co.
  • LCBO Number: 191288
  • Size: 473 mL
  • 5% abv
  • Price per can: $ 2.95

Well done Nickel Brook, I’m impressed and I’m very glad this product is on the market.

Happy drinking!

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12 Responses to Canadian Gluten Free Beer: Nickel Brook

  1. I’d love to try this! Awesome that it’s in a can! That takes you back to college days, huh? Gluten free beer is so expensive in the bottles. The pictures are so pretty on the front too. :)

  2. heath

    Looking forward to trying this :)

  3. Finally! I can have beer! And it TASTES like beer! And I can have more than one without turning green! This is a beautiful thing. My gluten-free friends, we have been saved. (*Insert Barney-beer-burp here*)

  4. Emily

    I have a lot of food allergies/sensitivities/general stomach issues, so it’s very hard to find a decent beer that is gluten-free. I haven’t tried this beer yet but I definitely will soon! I just tried the New Grist beer from Lakefront, but it’s a bit sweet for me, not bad though. I will definitely try Nickel Brook, and I’m glad it’s Canadian!

    • Yeah, New Grist has a certain taste to it, but Nickel Brook is the closest to “real” beer I’ve had so far. Decent stuff and yes, it is indeed nice that it is Canadian. Thanks for subscribing! :)

  5. Jay

    I love the taste of this product. Unfortunately, it’s not brewed or processed in a gluten -free dedicated facility. They use the same tanks and lines as their other gluten- containing products. Even with washing out the system between batches too much potential for cross-contamination for my comfort.

    • aireater

      Hi Jay, I didn’t know that Nickel Brook didn’t use a dedicated machine for their gluten free beer. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep it in mind for sure.

      • Jay

        I had a reaction to something a few weekends ago and the Nicklebrook gluten-free was on the list of things I had ingested. I live in Burlington so i went by the brewery to ask them about how it is processed. Sure enough, no dedicated equipment. Like many people with gluten sensitivity I get neurological symptoms if exposed so I am very careful. I have a friend in the community who has seizures if she eats even trace amounts.
        Better Bitters is a microbrewery and I understand they need to keep costs low especially with new products. To be safe, their labels should read “This product may contain traces of gluten.”
        I hope if the product takes off they will do it right and make the investment in a separate facility.

        • John

          Jay is correct. There should be a disclaimer for those who are Celiac and cannot tolerate trace amounts of gluten. Any amount of gluten, no matter how small can cause permanent damage to the lining and villi of the small intestine.

          Until then I’ll stick to La Messagere

  6. Greg

    One of the best available in Ontario. A little heavier than the average beer but that is what I prefer. Not always available in our store.

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