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Tofutti + Marinelli Pasta Sauce= Rosé heaven

I have a fondness for noodles. I’m addicted to japchae, ho fun and the ever popular elbow macaroni. I blame years of Kraft Dinner for this. I’ve found a brand of gluten free pasta called Continue reading


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2011, Tofutti, El Peto & Lose it!

Oh, the excitement of the impending new year! Are you making a resolution? Perhaps a diet promise? I’ve never made resolutions, I find forced promises don’t really work, it’s more of an all year round commitment.

This year I’m going to eat less soy for sure due to @Mathieu_LF’s intolerance. My only guilty pleasure is Continue reading


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21-Day Vegan Kickstart & Happy Holidays!

Ah, the holidays! Almost Christmas and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday time with family and loved ones. I know I will be watching my favourite seasonal tv:

Please feel free to share pictures of baking and cooking! Email me here .

Speaking of food, I saw this 21-Day Vegan Kick Start website the other day and signed up. It never hurts to have meal ideas emailed to you. What a helpful website, especially for those who have just started their vegan lifestyle.

Happy New Year to everyone and all the best in 2011!

Happy Holidays!!

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Guys, be grateful you’re not in the foodchain

Human males are the luckiest out of the animals kingdom. Never once are human males stripped from their mother early on, nor killed for being ‘useless’.

Take the male calf, from birth they are taken away from their mother, put in a pen and fattened up for veal. Imagine doing that to a human baby? Oh, baby, the other white meat – SO tasty, so tender! Ugh.


animal cruelty veal calf air eater aireater
Veal Calf: Image from Vegan

Can you look this little guy in the eye and say dinner? Continue reading


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McDonald Canada’s Nutrition Calculator: What exactly are you eating?

Recently, I’ve been speaking with a friend who is looking to become vegan. I’ve been vegetarian since 2004, so the transition into veganism isn’t all that shocking. However, for someone to go straight from eating meat becoming vegan is a huge lifestyle change. Of course, he has the usual questions: what can I eat and can I even eat at the places I frequent? Most likely, the answer is no.

He was incredibly shocked to discover his favourite Lipton tea has been tested on animals and even the ingredients include more than just tea. One would think tea would be safe; apparently not.

Just for kicks I went onto McDonald’s site and they have a nutrition calculator. I haven’t been on their site for a while, so I don’t know if this is new.

Here are a few screen shots (click the image to enlarge) of the average meals most people eat. Continue reading


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Canadian Gluten Free Beer: Nickel Brook

Move over La Messagere, there’s another Gluten Free beer in the LCBO. From Burlington Ontario comes Nickel Brook; they make a variety of beers including a gluten free option.

Nickel Brook Gluten Free Beer air eater

Nickel Brook Gluten Free Beer

Keeping reading there’s more!! Continue reading



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Eco Chefs® Wheat and Gluten Free frozen single portion entrées

Well, imagine that, a wheat/gluten free frozen food manufacturer. Eco Chefs® is a company based in Burlington, Ontario who distributes to over 130 locations in Ontario and Quebec.

Eco Chef logo air eater

Eco Chef

The frozen gluten and wheat free entrées are:
– 100% natural,
– preservative and additive free,
– cooked with locally sourced fresh non GMO vegetables and oils, and antibiotic and growth hormone free meats.
– Available in convenient, single portions, with microwaveable trays in BPA free packaging
Source: MarketWire
Continue reading


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Vegan Shoes for Natalie Portman

Well known vegan Natalie Portman is one lucky girl.

Natalie Portman at the Oscars from Continue reading


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What a contest! So many entries and I’m not surprised! Chocolate is an awesome prize and Camino chocolate is a wonderful gift or treat for yourself.

The winner of the chocolate contest is Continue reading


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Who doesn’t like chocolate? There are so many types and even vegans and Celiacs can find the right one. I’m partial to mint and orange flavours and wouldn’t be upset if a wonderful reader wanted to send me some.

I’m partial to Camino chocolate; that’s not a typo, as of October 18, 2010, Cocoa Camino became Camino. With such a change comes, what else, a packaging change. Oh, the pretty packaging! I’ve tried the new bars, still the same great taste and same amazing commitment offering fair trade organic chocolate.

Such a great and easy way to support fair trade workers – especially with chocolate!

The wonderful people at Camino have been kind enough to offer a give away 3 of their 100g bars. air eater

Contest details: Continue reading


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