Vegan & Gluten Free Dating Sites!

There are so many segmented interests today; why not capitalize on niche market dating as well? I am not surprised there are vegan and gluten free dating sites.

Planet Earth Singles

Planet Earth Singles

Upon a few quick Google searches I was able to find the following niche sites for dating:
Halloween Passions
Festivus Passions
Frugal Passions
Ninja Passions
Cycling Passions
Writers Passions
Stripper Passions
Health Passions
Tennis Passions
Golfing Passions
Equestrian Passions
Robot Passions

The Festivus/Ninja/Robot/Pirate sites are too cute and funny, I can’t imagine someone devoting their life to this, but at the same time I am very sure there are people shaking their head over being vegan and gluten free.

I recently an acquaintance tweet at me upon her discovery of my lifestyle, “@Lidia_LF You’re vegan AND gluten-free? Hope you like cabbage!” Lovely.

As niche as vegan and gluten free seems to be, there are quite a few people who do live this lifestyle and it’s growing amongst the mainstream. Living with Celiac isn’t a choice. To be able to find a partner who will understand the need to have a gluten free kitchen and live a gluten free life is ideal. Not to mention the other allergens that might develop as well. Most Celiacs are allergic to soy as well. Add all of those things up and it’s not easy to live in such restriction.

Imagine going on a date and explaining that, no, you can’t have a beer, nor can you eat the food at most place. Doesn’t make for fun company.

Vegan dating links:

Gluten Free/Celiac Dating:

Too bad there aren’t more gluten free dating sites. The other links I found were 404 or corrupt, so that pretty much leaves the site above as the only dedicated dating site.

Happy hunting!

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7 Responses to Vegan & Gluten Free Dating Sites!

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  2. OMG awesome! When my boyfriend dumps me for being a crazy bitch, I’m so heading over there!!!

  3. Rick

    I’ve been looking for a GS dating site since disappeared. Not that it ever seemed to work…I guess it gave me some hope. If I did not find one in the next few months I planned to start my own. I’ll check this out. Thanks Muchly, R- :-)

  4. Hi Rick:
    You’re going to be a lucky guy! has a lot of fun women with celiac and other food restrictions. It’s a free community group that’s nationwide.
    Happy Holidays and enjoy making new friends!

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