GIC 2010: Planet People – iQ, Eco Friendly Cleaning

The Grocery Innovations show was pretty overwhelming and required strategy in terms of navigation alone.

Here’s the view from just waiting in line:

Grocery Innovation Show 2010 Waiting in line

Grocery Innovation Show 2010 Waiting in line Photo by: Lidia Le François

I figured I’d start my path in the far left corner and work my way towards the other side of the building.

The first booth I went to was the Planet People Co booth. I had the pleasure of speaking with some really great vendors at the Grocery Innovations show. One of those vendors was Ami from Planet People Co. and her coworker Brad. Ami introduced me to their newest cleaning innovation product, iQ.

IQ products

iQ products

“The iQ cleaning system features four planet-friendly cleaning solutions to help keep your home sparkling clean: All-Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner.”

Instructions IQ

Instructions iQ

“There’s no measuring, no mess – just a few easy steps that can help significantly reduce your plastic waste. When the spray bottle empties, simply replace the cartridge and recycle the old one. By keeping your iQ spray bottle, you’re reducing plastic waste by 95%.”

REFill stands for Reduced Environmental Footprint.

– made from non-toxic and environmentally sustainable ingredients
– The iQ cleaning systemo features REFill cartridges and reusable spray bottles, which in turn creates a smaller carbon footprint
– using your own tap water reduces cost

What a great concept! The iQ cleaning system retails around $4.99 and when you buy it for the first time it comes with product in the bottle AND a REFill cartridge attached, so that’s like getting two for the price of one. The REFill cartridge retails for around $3, so it’s a fairly reasonably priced Eco-friendly product. Imagine that. A Canadian made product to boot. I am certainly going to look for this in my local Whole Foods and health food store.

Click here for a list of where to buy the iQ.
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3 Responses to GIC 2010: Planet People – iQ, Eco Friendly Cleaning

  1. Ami

    Happy to hear you’re a fan! Would love to hear your thoughts once you try the product too.

  2. T

    You know you can just use vinegar, baking soda, borax and lemon juice to clean your house, right? Pennies and completley effective. Also, never at risk of being greenwashed!

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