Shiitake bacon?! Fake Bacon Vegan Style

While mindlessly searching vegan recipes on youtube I came across a video claiming to make Shiitake mushrooms taste like bacon. Shiitake bacon? For real. How can shiitake mushroom taste anything like bacon? 

I found these video on youtube and thought, “This is worth sharing.”:

This last video has some crude language and the dude in the video shouldn’t be living in such a dump, but hot damn is it ever funny. Just goes to prove, it works. I am totally going to try this for the heck of it.

This post is actually for Mel (@Vitty10). Thought you’d like it.

Happy eating!

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5 Responses to Shiitake bacon?! Fake Bacon Vegan Style

  1. I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks!

  2. Let us know how it goes! I’ve been trying to get shittake into my diet, but I have no idea how. This is great. As usual, the most innovative posts! Thanks!

  3. vee

    omg that guy is like a Hoarder or something. I almost vomitted watching him cook.

  4. Hey Vee, I know! So nasty, but I thought it was amazing that he even tried this.

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