New Grist: A Gluten Free Beer that Doesn’t Suck

Throughout the past two years I’ve held onto my favourite beers: Golden Pheasant, Hoegaarden, and MGD (don’t judge). As I’ve committed to this gluten free lifestyle, saying goodbye to my favourites has been hard, cue the violins.

Mat and I have tried a few gluten free beers while in the US and we finally found one that didn’t make me want to vom.


New Grist Gluten Free Beer

New Grist Gluten Free Beer


Taken from
“New Grist is the first beer brewed without malted barley or any gluten-containing products to be recognized as beer by the U.S. Government. Each batch brewed at Lakefront’s Milwaukee headquarters is tested for gluten prior to fermentation, before being bottled and shipped. The beer is now available for distribution nationwide in six packs of 12-ounce bottles.

New Grist is brewed from sorghum, hops, water, rice and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses. These ingredients are carefully combined to form a crisp and refreshing “session ale” sure to be popular among those with Celiac Disease, but really brewed for anyone with an appreciation for great tasting, handmade beer.”

New Grist is available in the LCBO and sells for $13.15 (CAD), it comes in a six pack of brown 335mL bottles. The alcohol level is 5.7% and the sugar content is a three.

Though New Grist is no where near a fine Slovak or Belgian beer, it will do.

New Grist has won:
– Gold Medal, 2006 Great American Beer Festival
– Silver Medal, 2007 Great American Beer Festival
– Bronze Medal, 2007 World Beer Championship
– Silver Medal, 2008 Great American Beer Festival
– Gold Medal, 2008 Los Angeles County Fair

I would recommend it more so than the gluten fee beer from Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, close to Montreal, La Messagère.


La Messagère Gluten Free Beer

La Messagère Gluten Free Beer


Made from rice and buckwheat, La Messagère just doesn’t do it for me, it taste too heavy and well, unpalatable. I am a fan of light beers, so this is the opposite spectrum for my taste.

La Messagère is available at the LCBO (as well as many dépanneur) and sells for $15.95 (CAD) in a six pack of brown 341mL bottles . The alcohol level is 4.7% and the sugar content is a four.

If the LCBO brought the other two gluten free beers: Messagère Red Ale and Messagère Millet, I’d more more than willing to try them, but I’ll pass on La Messagère.

What gluten free beers have you tried? Email me or follow me on Twitter.
Happy drinking!

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6 Responses to New Grist: A Gluten Free Beer that Doesn’t Suck

  1. OMG! I tried Grist a couple weeks ago and LOVED IT! It’s so different from RedBridge, but still so good. Glad you are able to enjoy it where you are too!

  2. Sandy

    We just bought some New Grist (hubby is not celiac but appears to have some other wheat/barley sensitivity) – like it. It’s a LITTLE more substantial than Red Bridge, but still a summer beer. (I like stouts and porters, so I’ll be in favor of trying La Messagere if I see any here – even if I don’t, thanks for the tip that buckwheat can be malted and brewed, just in case we ever get around to trying it ourselves!) NG also, perhaps because it is made by a much smaller brewery, lacks that subtle, “American beer” tang which marks Red Bridge as the product of Anheuser-Busch . . . Red Bridge is pretty good, and New Grist costs another $2 per 6-pack, but at least some of the time it’s going to be worth the extra.

  3. Just tried New Grist a couple days ago and WOW! I’m lovin’ it! I’ve been drinking Red Bridge, but New Grist beats it hands down in taste alone. In addition, I don’t seem to be allergic to it like I am Red Bridge. I am allergic to a lot, so I’m sure that part is just me. Unfortunately, New Grist is $5 more for a six pack where I am. :o( I’ll get over it. I’m jut gonna have to drink less I guess. :o) I have tried Bard’s Beer a couple of days before New Grist and didn’t like the taste. It’s on the stronger side.

  4. Scott Gammon

    I love it . Get Drunk as a skunk and not feel like crape anymore!!!!

  5. Scott Gammon

    Love the Beer , Dont feel like crape the next day , Gluten Free!!!!

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