Vegan Pizza & Vegetarian Food Fair!

Good food today: grilled cheese sandwich/salad and semi homemade pizza.

Vegan grilled cheese with GF bread

The downside about using gluten free bread/vegan cheese, the toast and melt time, it took about 15 minutes longer than regular bread/cheese; this sandwich is not for the impatient, such as myself.

I used O’Dough’s bread for the sandwich and found I was incredibly full from having used two slices, as they’re rather thick, next time I’ll just half one slice.

Onto dinner:

Sauteed mushrooms with pineapple on a Gluten free crust from El Peto

Mushrooms, green olives, and pineapples on Gluten Free crust from El Peto.

El Peto makes a really easy to use Gluten Free Vegan pizza crust. I don’t really have time to make my own dough, I’m also slightly intimidated by gluten free baking, until I get it together I’m going to use pre-made crusts.

We used the Basil Pizza Crust, it was quite good and didn’t have a weird aftertaste, nor was it too hard. Often, GF pizza ends up tasting like cardboard, no flavour, nor is there any type of elasticity. Thank you El Peto for making a decent pizza crust that we highly enjoy.

Who knew a company located in Cambridge would make great products?

Too bad they’re not going to be at the Vegetarian Food Fair, September 10-12 @ Harbourfront Centre. This fair is a must-see for vegetarians and like minded people. Tonnes of restaurants you might not otherwise find out about and products as well. My favourite soy milk: Natura will be there, I’ll stop by their booth for sure, as well as Vitamix.

I’m really looking forward to this type of Food Fair, it brings out the warm fuzzies and it’s a great chance for people to see that it is possible to live a vegetarian/vegan etc. lifestyle.

Happy eating!

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