Vegan Shepherd’s Pie 2.0 & Burger Bar

I feel redeemed today.

Yesterday Mat and I made Shepherd’s pie again, this time we didn’t purée the potatoes. We used: blue, yellow and red potatoes, plus a beet.
The base of mash with beets. @Lidia_LF taking over.  on Twitpic

Also, we added a tbsp of Vegan Becel and Natura Soy Milk.

Scrambled tofu with veggies.  on Twitpic

Final product Photo: Mathieu Le François

We used Sol Firm Tofu, it crumbled pretty well and held a great consistency. Overall, it could have been a better, I think I need to use a different pan, mine might be too high. It was pretty difficult to serve, but it was much tastier than what we made before.  We also made cranberry sauce, but I didn’t take a picture of that.

On Saturday, Mat and I went to Burger Bar. It’s a small place, close to the corner of August and College, where Rice bar used to be. They offer meat burgers as well as veg/gluten free options. I had the Dragon Bowl and Mat had the Cowboy Supper, they made mine gluten free by not adding soy sauce. It was super nice of them to be so accommodating. The service is always awesome, the food is served quickly and the prices are decent. They also have a variety of Tequila and gluten free beer! Definitely deserves a return visit.

I love burger bar  on TwitpicCowboy Supper @ Burger Bar Photo By: Mathieu Le François

Dragon Bowl at Burger Bar. So tasty! on Twitpic

Burger Bar – Dragon Bowl Photo by: Lidia Le François

The kimchi was a really love addition to this meal, the tofu was perfectly crisp and the green curry made me sweat a tiny bit; I’m a wuss with spice, but I did enjoy it.

Good weekend times! Anyone have a great food experience this weekend?

Happy eating!

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  1. well written blog. Im glad that I could find more info on this. thanks

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